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4th Annual Outing: Kilberry Castle and sculptured stones

This year’s visit is to Knapdale, to visit Kilberry Castle by kind invitation of John Campbell of Kilberry. The castle, just to the west of the village, was built in 1497 by a cadet branch of Clan Campbell. It was destroyed in 1513 and the ruins were incorporated into the present mansion, built in 1844 and enlarged in 1871.

There are also 26 sculptured stones from the Campbell family mausoleum near the Castle and around the Kilberry estate. The Kilberry Sculptured Stones cover a range of styles and eras – from early Christian grave-slabs to late-medieval cross fragments, and include the medieval Kilberry Cross, a broken cross-shaft.

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  • Venue:Kilberry Castle

Friends of the Argyll Papers is a Scottish Charity SC045835