Friends’ membership subscriptions provide a valuable regular income which contributes towards collection care and improvements to the Argyll Papers’ research facilities. The Friends also support fund-raising initiatives for the archive to help with conservation, cataloguing and engagement.

Adopt a Red Tape Volume

In the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle we care for a series of volumes dating from the 17th century, mostly compiled as part of the management of the Argyll estates, providing invaluable evidence of the lands and how they were used as well as information about the people who lived on them.

Many of these volumes are suffering through use, age and damage sustained in the Inveraray Castle fires of 1877 and 1975. Many of these volumes have been temporarily repaired using a red gaffa tape which is now failing. The tape and its sticky residue needs to be removed, the pages cleaned and re-stitched, and bindings repaired to preserve these volumes for the future, and we are asking for your help to pay the costs of this, through ‘adopting’ (sponsoring) the repair of a particular volume.

In return for your sponsorship, as an individual, a family, group or company, you will receive an adoption certificate and your generous support will be recorded in the archive catalogue. Most importantly, you will know that you have enabled a unique piece of Campbell and Scottish history to be preserved.

Descriptions of each volume and of the work which needs to be done are detailed in the Adopt-a-Red-Tape-volume-Catalogue, with the costs of repair and repackaging required for each volume.

To adopt a volume, please select from the catalogue and email the reference number to Alison ( to check whether it is still available for adoption. If it is available, we will reserve it for you and provide details on how to make payment.

Tìr Ìseal nan Òran (Tiree: low land of song) 

We are inviting Friends, as individuals, families, companies or associations, to support Tìr Ìseal nan Òran (Tiree: low land of song) so that we can deliver this project January to July 2022.

Tìr Ìseal nan Òran (Tiree: low land of song) will be an island-wide creative project bringing together Tiree-based artists with the local community and with an international audience connected to Tiree. The project will explore seven stories, each associated with specific places on the island, features in the landscape or  events from Tiree’s past or mythology. The stories will provide the inspiration for the artists to create new music, song and film, and for new writing, theatrical work and textile pieces to emerge from the community, the young people and the international audience. Each creative response will stand alone but will also be woven into a community performance, featuring a dramatic retelling of the stories in a multi-media performance. The new writing, music, song and film created during the project will be published; the textile pieces created will be displayed in Tiree’s community centres. Further learning and performance will be delivered through Fèis Thiriodh and at Tiree Music Festival 2022. Alongside the development of the performance, workshops, exhibits and installations will teach skills and encourage participation in artistic and creative activities.

If you would like to make a personal donation to support this exciting initiative, please get in touch with Alison at

Adopt a Charter

In the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle we care for a unique series of mediaeval charters which provide invaluable evidence of the lives, lands and business of the earls of Argyll.

A recent conservation survey has identified 17 of these charters which need urgent repair to ensure their preservation for the future. We need to stabilise parchment, support and infill holes, and consolidate and stabilise disintegrating seals.  We invite you to ‘adopt’ one of our precious documents:  by paying for its conservation you will ensure its survival in the archives for many years to come.

We are delighted to announce that all 17 charters (and 2 extras) have been adopted and are now with the Conservator in Inverness awaiting treatment. We are incredibly grateful to all our adopters:

Kristen Marie Carlstrom; Keilani Nicole Carlstrom; Jennifer Katherine Taylor; Steven Michael Taylor; Chris de St Victor de Pinho, Baron of Lochawe; Judy Nimer Muhn; Pamela Campbell Bickford; Professor Emeritus Donald E Meek; Lindsays; Nancy Campbell; Pennyghael in the Past Historical Archive; Judge Levin Campbell; Dunans Castle Ltd; Dr Betsee Parker, Baron of Locheil; and the Friends of Argyll Papers Palaeography Reading Group in the name of Alison Diamond, archivist.

The 17 charters are detailed in this Adopt a Charter Catalogue .

Completed projects

Written in the Landscape

The Heritage Lottery, NMCT, Tiree Windfall Trust, An Iodhlann, Clan Campbell Education Foundation funded Written in the Landscape project to catalogue, conserve and promote all of the publicly available family and estate archives in Argyll has recently been completed. Working with Argyll and Bute Council, now liveArgyll, Archives Service, the project delivered professional support and networking opportunities for local heritage centres in Argyll. The evaluation of this project can be accessed here.

Friends of the Argyll Papers is a Scottish Charity SC045835