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Volunteers provide invaluable support for The Argyll Papers archivist and researchers wishing to use the archive.

You don’t need any specialist skills or experience, just interest, enthusiasm and attention to detail. However, if you do have special interests or expertise, please let us know and we will try and find a job to suit!

If you are interested in volunteering please let us know when you complete your Membership Form. As the archive has limited space, you may not be able to begin volunteering straight away, however, some jobs can be done from home, so please let us know if this would be of interest. Once signed up, all Volunteers are trained and supervised by the Argyll Papers Archivist.

Volunteers don’t need to be members – if you would like to find out more about volunteering without membership, please get in touch by e-mail, with a little information about you and your areas of interest or expertise.

Current Volunteer Projects

The Argyll Papers Volunteers are working on a variety of interesting projects – read more about them below.

Diarmid Campbell

is stock-checking the Catalogue of Sealed Argyll Charters, a wonderfully diverse collection of several hundred parchment documents dating from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. He is enhancing the catalogue by cross-referencing entries to transcripts made by the 10th Duke of Argyll – in the future researchers will be able to work from the transcripts, saving them time and reducing wear and tear on the original charters.

Duncan Beaton

is cataloguing The Argyll Papers’ large collection of Campbell and related family pedigrees. This is another wonderful collection and includes several hundred hand-written pedigrees dating from the eighteenth century – some possibly earlier. It has never been catalogued and Duncan’s work will open up a valuable new family history resource, as well as opportunities for academic research in this interesting field.

Murdo MacDonald

is cataloguing the Kintyre Estate volumes, which are a superb resource for researching the local and family history of the Kintyre peninsula from the early seventeenth to mid-twentieth centuries. The accounts and rentals contain a wealth of information about people, settlements, industries and agriculture, including many old farming terms which have fallen out of use. He is spending time checking the contents of the volumes which often contain more information than their titles suggest – this level of detailed cataloguing is invaluable to the archivist and researchers, and would not be possible without volunteer help.

Ronnie Black

is cataloguing The Dewar Manuscripts, one of Scotland’s most important collections of Gaelic folklore and historic tales. This is a long-term job which will open up the collection to scholarly research and lay the foundations for future projects to make the collection available to a wider audience.

Monika Herrmann

is cataloguing the letters of Elizabeth Gunning, the 5th Duchess of Argyll, and her circle. The letters are currently bundle listed and Monica is cataloguing them individually, so that we can learn more about their contents and authors. Elizabeth Gunning, ‘The Beautiful Duchess’, was an important figure in mid-eighteenth century British noble and royal circles, and we will use this project as a template for future correspondence cataloguing projects.