Adopt a Charter

Adopt a Charter

In the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle we care for a unique series of medieval charters which provide invaluable evidence of the lives, lands and business of the earls of Argyll.

A recent conservation survey identified 17 of these charters which needed urgent repair to ensure their preservation for the future. We needed to stabilise parchment, support and infill holes, and consolidate and stabilise disintegrating seals.  We invited our Friends to ‘adopt’ one of our precious documents,  paying for its conservation and thereby ensuring its survival in the archives for many years to come.

 Below you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of these charters – the difference is amazing. We can never restore the writing that has gone, but we can preserve what is left. Thank you.


Wadset in the vernacular by Duncane Kambaile [Duncan Campbell], Lord of Edderlyng [Ederline] and Hwywile to a “nobil man and mychty Colin Cambell Lord of Lochawe my Lord” for 25 marks of silver of his said lands of Hrywile in the lordship of Glassary and Sheriffdom of Argyll, dated 13th February 1393/4.

Adopted by Kristen Marie Carlstrom


Discharge by King Robert III to Colin Campbell, dated 11 February 1405.

Inscribed ‘Much decayed by damp when it came into my custody.  In the year 1873 I made a transcript in pencil of the parts of the discharge then legible & from that transcript another transcript has now been made and collected with it and the original Discharge.  But the original itself is now almost illegible, the damp having increased the fading of the ink even since the year 1873. 5 Sept. 1879’    

Adopted by Keilani Nicole Carlstrom


Discharge by Robert, Duke of Albany to Duncan Campbell of Lochawe of all his relief due from his lands on the death of Colin Campbell his late father, dated 19th January 1413. Tag & handsome full seal of un-coloured wax. 

Adopted by Chris St. Victoire de Pinho, Baron of Lochawe


Charter by King James I under the Great Seal in favour of Duncan Campbell of Lochawe, of the lands of Menstrie (Clackmannanshire) resigned by Charles Campbell, signed at Stirling on the 15th of March 1434.

Adopted by Judy Nimer Muhn


Bond by Walter Lord Lorne to Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, on his resignation of the Lordship of Lorne, dated 1st December 1469.

Adopted by Pamela Campbell Bickford


Royal charter of Tailzie [inheritance] in favour of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, of the lands and lordship of Lorne dated 17 April 1470.

Adopted by Donald E Meek


Charter from King James under the Great Seal for the love and favour he had to Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, and by which he erects the Earl’s town of Inneirreyra [Inveraray] into a Free Burgh of Barony, 1474.

Adopted by Lindsays


Charter under the Great Seal of King James III in favour of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, of the lands of Garvald, Craginower [Craignure] and Tanglandlea in the lordship of Glassary, dated 29 January 1478-9.

Adopted by Argyll Papers Palaeography Reading Group in the name of Alison Diamond, Inveraray Castle archivist, in recognition of her
inspired leadership


Precept of Sasine by John Levingston, burgess of Edinburgh, in favour of Archibald, 2nd Earl of Argyll, in the lands of Litell Sawling [Little Saline, Fife], dated 15 February 1511-12

Adopted by Nancy Campbell


Precept of Sasine by Colin, Earl of Argyll, directed to John Lennox in favour of Archibald Campbell, son of Duncan Campbell of Clauchane [Clachan] of the 5 merklands of Clauchane in the barony of Rosneath, dated 8 Apr 1529.

Adopted by Jennifer Katherine Taylor


Procuratory of Resignation by Mariota Nykane [Nic Iain] of Ardnamurchan with consent of her husband, Robert Robertson of Strowan, of all her lands in Islay, Jura etc. in favour of Archibald, Earl of Argyll, 1538.

Adopted by Lindsays


Charter by Nevin MakVicar [MacVicar] Rector of Kilmoleuo [Kilmalieu] and 5 others, chaplains of the Collegiate Church of Kilmun, granting to Niall Campbell son of Archibald Campbell of Clachan the 4 merklands of Blairmore, 9 Oct 1561.

Adopted by Judge Levin Campbell


A curious Contract of Marriage signed by Archibald, Lord Lorne, Master of Argyll, between Katherine, daughter of the late Master Archibald McVicar, Provost of Kilmun and Malcolm, brother of Master John Carsuall [Carswell], Rector of Kilmartin, dated 11 Dec 1566.

Adopted by Steven Michael Taylor                           


Feu Charter by Archibald, 5th Earl of Argyll, to his brother, Colin Campbell of Balquhan [Boquhan] of the lands of Gartervaik and others lying in the shire of Tarbert, dated 1568. The Earl’s seal remains, although cracked.

Adopted by Lindsays


Charter by Archibald, 5th Earl of Argyll, dated at his Castle of Garvie in Cowall [above Glendaruel] to Iain Boyll of Darrenakoirochmore and his sons Robert, Iain and Patrick of the lands of Auchatakeirenmore in Glendaruel.  Contained in a Precept of Sasine directed to Duncan Campbell, Lord of Ormadell, dated 28 Mar 1569. 

Adopted by Dunans Castle Ltd


Precept by King Charles I in favour of Archibald, 8th Earl of Argyll, of a payment of £1,000 sterling, dated 15th Nov 1641. Half of the Earl’s seal remains.

Adopted by Judge Levin Campbell

Charter under the Great Seal by King James VI in favour of his well beloved cousin & counsellor Archibald, 7th Earl of Argyll, of the lands of the Barony of Locheil, and the sasine following thereon, dated 7 July 1608

Adopted by Dr Betsee Parker

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